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Help your event last on with video

Elevate your event with a professional highlight video. From corporate functions to sports gatherings to PR launches and activations, our concise, impactful videos redefine documentation. Spark engagement, broaden reach, and imprint lasting impressions. Choose us for event videography that tells a compelling story in every frame, making your occasions truly unforgettable.

Why You Need 

Event Capture

Let Your Customers Sell Your Event

Capture the essence of your event by filming interviews with clients, vendors, and attendees, allowing them to share their unbiased experiences. This provides powerful social proof, a compelling tool to market and elevate the success of your next event.

Extend length and reach

The gift that keeps on giving. Recording your event ensures its perpetual existence, enabling people to virtually attend for years. This global reach connects with audiences worldwide, amplifying the impact of your event beyond its initial occurrence.

Create Marketing Material For Future Events

Amid the content frenzy, recording your event video becomes a premium marketing asset. Instantly generating high-quality content, it caters to the escalating demand. Utilize it strategically across social media, your website, and company eDMs, giving your business a distinctive and compelling promotional edge.

We Concept

First we jump on a call where we learn about you and your company along with the project you have coming up. We then start to concept ideas to provide the perfect solution for you. After this we provide a rough quote of how much we expect it to cost.

We Plan

Once we have our idea in place we go into pre-production where we cost up all the specifics and start booking things in and developing things like call sheets, shot-lists, interview questions and anything else we may need.

We Shoot

Come shoot day we get our team together and jump into gear. Sometimes its a large crew with logistics to consider and sometimes its a one man band running the show. Whatever it is you can rest assured we'll capture everything we need and make it look damn good.

We Edit

Once we have all of our assets we jump head first into the edit. We start by finding music then pulling out those moments of gold. We get the cut in top form and add in sound design, motion graphics and finish with a grade. We then send off the first version for your feedback.

We Deliver

Once the video is signed off, we export the finished pieces in all the aspect ratios that you need (typically 1x1, 16x9 & 9x16) so the videos display perfectly wherever they end up!

Queue the reaction above!

Standard Event Package

Have a general Idea of what you want? Then let's jump straight into production and get you your video!

This is what's included:

  • Pre-Production/Planning
  • 1x Camera Operator
  • 1 Day Shoot (up to 8hrs)
  • Standard Camera Packages
  • Standard Lighting Package
  • Standard Sound Package
  • Access To Our Music And Assets Library
  • One round of video revisions

Something Else?

Need something more or less than what we supply in our standard package?? No worries we have you covered!

Request a quote and give us the details of what you need and we'll be in contact as soon as we can.
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Real Estate Content


Au $4,000

Maximise interest in your property through video, photography and virtual tours!
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Branded Content



Branded content that spans short films, narrative-driven social advertisements, documentaries, How-To’s, event coverage.
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Hospitality Content



Do you need to showcase a new menu, venue or cocktail? Or just share the vibes? We can create engaging content for you!
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Event Capture



Choose a highlight video for corporate functions, sports gatherings, PR launches, activations and more.
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Corporate Films



Whether it's a testimonial, recruitment or explainer video we can help you Improve your corporate communications.
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